PWELT work away from office

Work environment is were you work, not the office adress.

The Covid Pandemic has forced many companies to have workers work away from the office.

this calls for new challenges as well as opportunities. Some voices has raised a worry of isolation, loss of boundaries between work and free time to name a few. 

A new standard 


Some companies has realized the possible positive effect of work away from office or as we say "WAFO". Its not a new idea, companies have had staff working from home even before the pandemic due to many reasons such as minimizing office space needs, geographic challenges (staff living in remote areas) etc. saving both time and money. However we are facing a exponential increase in WAFO. 

WAFO Work environment challanges


Regardless of benefits there are challenges with the work environment when its out of our control (literally).  Stressors such as ergonomic challenges, privacy, conceptual (infra structure, hardware, software, administration), social (or lack of social support), general workload etc. 

Systematic work environment assessment 


The PWELT WAFO tool  assess  Demand Resource balance, and a number of possible stressors that are continuously monitored. A weekly repport will provide an up to date status identifying imbalances in an early stage opening up for preventive and reactive interventions. 




In recent years the market for digital tool addressing stress and health has grown steady. New concepts such as "pulse monitoring" have gained in popularity. The shift in workplace awareness towards negative impact factors such as stress has risen.


Even though this is a good thing, we still face challenges when it comes to work related stress and how to monitor its impact using digital tools. One challenge is integrity there are many obstacles in this field, one way to go about it is by providing anonymous assessment. But how can we then know who to support and what demands or recourses to address in order to reestablish a balance?


By using a objective scale, targeting balances we lift the focus from the individual, to the systematic approach. We bring problem identification into the assessment and prompt active handling of identified stressors.


The continuous use (weekly assessment) do not only provide a solid ground for managing work environment in a preventive or reactive manner. It also gives us a historical data set for long-term follow up of interventions and trends.

Organization vs individual 

There is a tendency in modern stress management to target the employer when it comes to stress management. Interventions aimed at making the individual more resilient, more mindful, providing guidelines or even therapy etc. might be good for those in need of a way to stressdown. But if the active component is to be found within the work environment, it is there it has to be adressed. Regardless how mindful you are if you come back to en environment that is out of balance you just provide "sustained support" if we want change we must target the source not the symptom. 

that is what PWELT does.