Maintaining a healthy work environment

PWELT is a time and cost-efficient way to keep track of how stressors affect an organization, group, or individual over time.

Once a week, selected personnel answers a set of questions and makes a rating on a predefined scale. The questions are web based and takes about 5-10 minutes to answer.

Poorly handled, stressful work environments often lead to lower performance, health issues, and high staff turnover. Catering to psychosocial stress, workload as well as other stressors, is the key to maintaining a healthy work environment.

By continuously let staff leaders and/or individuals within the organization assess their current status and active stressors, we promote awareness as well as action mitigating those stressors. Over time we get a historical document that we can use to learn from experience, identify key stressors and evaluate preventive measures and leadership strategies.


The PWELT tool is built upon well-established theoretical models and assumptions. The concept has been tested in several peacekeeping missions with great success.


PWELT addresses several layers in its conceptualized form.

The tool directly identifies active stressors, their impact on the affected personnel and gives suggestions on how to handle those stressors.

It reveals the current status of the organization to HR or management, giving them easily accessible information on how to support and solve identified problems.

PWELT makes follow ups easy – Are there unidentified stressors that we didn’t know of? Are resources well distributed?

Once set up, it sends a weekly assessment link with email, to any number of “raters” in the organization. Assessments are then easily accessed for Management or HR for analysis.

PWELT generates reports on current status as well as long-term and short-term prognosis.


An adaptable platform 

Each organization has its own specific needs. The PWELT tool is highly adaptable while maintaining its core concepts. After a general assessment of the target organization, we set it up in a way that best suits defined needs.

We educate personnel and leaders/management in how to use the tool and analyze the results to make it a valuable resource for the organization.

Any action taken to address stress or mental health risks should be followed up in a structured way. By using PWELT for evaluating interventions and actions, will we know the results.

One-time interventions such as inspiration lectures, team activities or any activity that offers a “quick fix” often have a rather short-lasting effect on people. If we want personnel and leaders to address stress effectively over time, we must evoke a behavioral change. PWELT targets behavioral change as well, making it easy to identify and act on stressors. When done successfully it increases the efficiency and trust within the organization.